Картина "10 000" | Художник Miloš Hronec Hronec | Jose Art Gallery
Картина "10 000" | Художник Miloš Hronec Hronec | Jose Art Gallery
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10 000

HEY, HEY, HEY, YOU, listen to me oh man, baby I earn € 10 000 and then we go anywhere Let's go down To the south where the seagulls fly on the beach ----- The canvas is signed from the back. My paintings mixture of several visual techniques and directions. I use stencils, hand printing on canvas, but also classical acrylic painting or drawing. Works I create are actually the great painting collages, formed into one entirety. The art I create is inspired by on street art, graffiti, pop culture, primitive art, expressionism and collage. My inspiration are also photos from present and the near past, when I took a part from original picture and put it into new context in my painting. Besides to hand-printing there appear in my work elements influed by ruined plaster, taggs, flayed posters. Theese parts are cultivated by pure – painted fields.

Материалы: акрил/холст
Размер:   60 В x 80 Ш x 2 Г   cm
Год создания: 2018
Работа продана
От Miloš Hronec Hronec , Словакия
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