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Lada Stukan

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My name is Lada Stukan and I was born on 17/05/1971 in Simferopol (Crimea); since when I was a child I always liked to draw and paint. Art has always been inside me inspiring to create my perception of the world and, growing up, painting was always my greatest joy and most important interest. Painting for me is a full immersion experience, which is every time gives me different emotions but always joy and free breath.

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Art has always been inside me inspiring to create my perception of the world and, growing up, painting was always my greatest joy and most important interest.


"Collective Exhibition" - Italian Aquarellists Association Milan 2014.. "20th National Contemporary Art Competition" - SATURA Genova 2015. "VI° Visual Arts Exhibition 2021" - GIARTE Fiano Romano, Orsini Castle 2021. "Christmas with Contemporary Art in Venice, Collective Exhibition" - Venice Art Gallery 2021.


In Simferopol, I studied arts for five years at the high school and then, for four years, at the “M.S. Samokish School of Arts”, where, in 1992, I graduated as “Decorative Arts Designer”. In the following years I worked as teacher of arts at high schools, as illustrator of books and magazines, as designer of theatrical sets and for seven years as designer of interiors for hotels and shopping centers. I participated to several events and exhibitions in Ukraine and some of my paintings, made on request, are in private collections in the USA, Canada and EU Countries. In 2009 I moved to Italy where I live, work and of course paint. From 2009 to 2019 I worked in Italy and then in Switzerland in a different sector but I didn’t ever stop painting, although I had few time for that and I could not participate to exhibitions or publish my works, online or in galleries. In 2020, I decided to give more time to my passion for painting and I started again publishing my artworks on “Saatchi Art” and" Etsy" on-line sale platforms and on Instagram. Now painting is my full time occupation and I'm lloking for other on-line sale platforms like "Bathasart", "Gallea" and participate to exhibitions and events. I also plan to open in 2024 an "You Tube Channel". ABOUT MY PAINTINGS All my paintings are original, signed artworks and I can also sell signed and numbered, limited editions of prints of my paintings. The technique I prefer to create almost all my paintings is oil on canvas, because I like to play with the layers which give me unlimited possibilities to create transparencies and shades of colors and to create textures to give form and depht to details and objects. Moreover the time to dry of oil colors lets me modify or continue the creatvive process and freedom of improvvisation. Sometimes I use other techniques (e.g. water colors, acrylic, pencil, gouache and ink) and other media (e.g. canvas, paper, cardboard, wood...); and sometimes I use a mix of them to better express what I feel and I want to communicate. I also I like to try new techniques and materials. The dimensions of my paintings range from 40x40cm to 80x120cm. My most recent production is all large paintings, because they give a greater space to creativity.

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