Художник Alexander Levich

Alexander Levich

Художник, Украина

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 22 января 2019 года

О художнике

What are the most important things in our lives? It is definitely not what surrounds us. It is our inner world! Art is a key that opens that world for us. If you follow that path, you will learn how to see, not how to look, but how to SEE. I cover co ...
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Alexander Levich took part in numerous solo and joint exhibitions home and abroad, in particular: - 2017 “Weekend”, Kyiv, Tryptykh Art Gallery; - 2016 “Fine horsemen”, Kyiv, Parusna Gallery; - 2015 “Twenty Minutes of One Evening”, Kyiv, Tryptykh A ...
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In 1987 graduated from painting faculty of the Kyiv Art Academy, workshop of Professor A.M. Lopukhov. Since 1990 is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.
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