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Política de Cookies

Effective: April 14, 2023

Please note that our Website Policies are currently being translated into other languages and will be available soon. However, this English version is the primary and official version of our Website Policies, and versions in other languages are for reference only and not considered primary versions.

This Policy is part of the Privacy Policy, which you can read at the link.

Our Cookie Policy at joseartgallery.com explains how we use cookies, pixels, and other technologies to recognize you when you click on a link to our website. In this Policy, we provide information about the characteristics of these technologies and explain why we use them. We also inform you about your rights related to the control over the use of these technologies.

We recommend that you read this Policy. If you have questions or comments, please email dpo@joseartgallery.com.

Cookies are small data files that are stored on your device when you visit websites on the Internet. These cookies are stored in your browser cache and allow websites or third parties to identify your browser.

The use of cookies ensures the functioning of websites, improves their performance, and provides reporting. Cookies have many functions, such as improving the efficiency of navigation between website pages, saving user preferences, and improving the overall user experience. Thanks to cookies, the ads you see on the Internet are better tailored to your interests and needs.

We use cookies for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Recognizing your device when you visit the website, which allows us to provide our services and improve their quality.
  • Improving marketing efforts aimed at attracting new users and retaining existing ones.
  • Analysing how users interact with our services and website to understand their needs and provide the best user experience.
  • Tracking the total number of users of the website and routing web traffic on it, which allows us to improve the website and our services.
  • Improving user interface and understanding your preferences based on your website activity.
  • Personalizing the website and targeted advertising to be of particular interest to you.

Cookies can be of different types, for example:

  • First-party cookies that are created and stored on your device after visiting our website.
  • Third-party cookies, which are set by third parties and may be used to provide third-party features on or after visiting our website, such as advertising or collecting statistics. Third parties may recognize your computer or mobile device both when you visit our website and when you visit other websites. We work with various partners who use cookies and other technologies to collect information about your use of our services, such as pages visited, ads viewed or clicks. We do not control third parties and are not responsible for their privacy policies and practices.

We use cookies to collect various data such as:

  • Device characteristics, including model, browser, type, unique identifiers, MAC address, IP address, operating system version, and settings.
  • Data from log files, such as the time and duration of the visit to the website, the date of the last visit, search queries, information about the pages visited and other data that can uniquely identify your browser or account.
  • Data about your use of the website, including your interaction with the website content, which we may collect if you use third party websites or applications to contact us.

We do not collect information that is subject to the restrictions and requirements of the law, including information about race or ethnicity, political, religious, or philosophical beliefs, membership in political parties and professional organisations, criminal convictions, or allegations of criminal activity, as well as health data, personal life, biometric and genetic data.

On the cookie settings page, users can withdraw their consent to data processing and object to GDPR 21. Users can also refuse the use of cookies through their browser settings. If you use multiple browsers, make sure you clear cookies from each of them. Please note that deleting cookies may make some features of our website unavailable.

The following links provide information on cookie settings for popular web browsers:

In our work, we use cookies that can only be used with your consent, as well as those that do not require your permission, as they are necessary for the correct functioning of our website. The data processing associated with these cookies is necessary to protect your data, prevent illegal use and optimize our website. Such processing is based on our legitimate interests in accordance with (GDPR 6 (1f)). However, all other cookies require prior consent, which we request through the cookie notice banner (GDPR 6).

If you give your consent to the processing of your data, please be informed that such processing may involve the transfer of your data to recipients in third countries where an adequate level of data protection is not ensured, for example, in the USA (according to GDPR 49 (1)). Please note that in such countries, your data may be made available to public authorities for control and monitoring, and that there may be no effective legal protection mechanisms.

The security of using cookies is one of their main advantages. Cookies cannot transmit viruses or other malicious software to your computer, as they do not contain program code, but only textual information that is used to remember certain data. Thus, cookies do not change the data on the user’s computer and do not affect its work.

Cookies also act as logs, recording user activities and remembering information about their preferences. They allow websites to provide personalized content and improve user experience.

There are several types of cookies depending on how long they are stored. There are temporary cookies, also called session cookies, which are deleted after the user has left the online service and closed the browser or mobile application, and persistent cookies that persist even after you close your browser or mobile application. If information on the duration of storage of cookies is not specified, it should be assumed that they are persistent and can be stored for up to two years.

It is important to note that cookies are not harmful and cannot transmit viruses or other malicious software to the user’s computer, since the data in them does not change and does not affect the operation of the device.

You can set up cookies on the Cookies Settings page.

If you have any questions regarding the use of cookies, feel free to contact our team of experts at dpo@joseartgallery.com. In addition, we recommend that you carefully read the information provided in our Privacy Policy to be aware of our policies and principles regarding the use of cookies.