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Vava Venezia Dellert

Artiste, Italie

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VAVA VENEZIA - ARTIST Artistic Focus: Vava Venezia specializes in Neo Dada Art and New Surrealism, where her work reflects a unique blend of humor, innocence, and contemplation of life and death. Her photography captures intimate moments of women looking into mirrors, conveying mystery, playfulness, and a touch of nostalgia. Notable Project: Vava's "Selfish-Selfies" project documents her personal journey through challenges like depression, eating disorders, and suicide attempts, culminating in her transformation into the self-assured artist she is today. The project aims to inspire women from all backgrounds to embrace beauty in every form and understand that resilience can lead to self-empowerment.

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Find peace, forgive and live to the fullest! Be courageous and believe in yourself!


VAVA VENEZIA 1987 “I’m a Gothic girl” Rank Zerox Copy Art at the P.I. art Center 7th Avenue NY USA ( Part of group show ) 1992 “Ikebana Origami” Collage works on paper for children at the Yokohama Art Center Japan (Part of group show) 1996. “ Portraits” Photography Solo show In the Westin Hotel show room Old San Juan Puerto Rico USA 2014 “ Paris-Berlin one way “ Photography At the Art Loft Wedding Berlin Germany ( part of group show ) 2015 “ Burlesque and Cabaret Performers “ Photography Solo exhibit in Provocation Contemporary Art Gallery Taubenstrasse Gendarmenmarkt Berlin Germany 2017 “ My name is Venezia “ Photography Solo show at Ex Chiesa Santa Chiara Murano Venice Italy 2018 “ Venetian Mask Art “ Works in Papier-mâché and paint 2019 “ Graffiti of Love and Peace “ . ( open air mural painting ) At the ROM 118 South West South River Drive Miami USA 2020 lens magazine Photography finalist “ Selfies-Selfish “ They-Them 2021 Art Magazine “Selfies - Selfish" 2021 Florence Biennial photography Finalist “Eternal Feminine / Eternal Change” 2022 Art Ideal Cover Contest March 21,Participant. Spot Magazine and Art Circle


Education: - Associate degree in Liberal Arts with a focus on Psychology and Political Science from the University of Saint Leo, Florida. - Master Colorist and Hair Stylist certification from the Graham Webb Academy. - Pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Cybersecurity at Thomas Edison State University.

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