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Artiste Konstantin Gallari(Turkov)

Konstantin Gallari(Turkov)

Artiste, Russie

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À propos de l'artiste Konstantin Gallari(Turkov)

He started his career in the field of digital art - NFT. Later, he began to paint oil paintings in the new style of "neo-exkubism" that he had developed. Neo-Exkubism combined two styles of painting. This is Cubism and expressionism - one of the most mysterious and incomprehensible trends in world painting. For this reason, many people do not understand this. To understand Cubism and neo-Expressionism, you need to see the world in a plane. To look into the inside of this world. I draw pictures based not on what I see, but on what I feel. I want to convey to people my emotions, my experience, my energy, my vision of problems, fears and emotional state

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I explore emotions and the inner structure of all living things through a distorted lens of reality


Vernissage 2022 Artmuza 2022 Winner of the competition "Contours of Culture" 2023 Joint exhibition of paintings Mosproducer Link 2023 Neuroburg 3024 The exhibition "The Heyday Period", Moscow. DEPOT (2024) The exhibition "How paint was born: from spark to palette". Gelendzhik Arena (2024) French Institute in Russia (Moscow) - Sound Experiments 2024


His parents insisted that he study at the Art Institute. After four months Konstantin stopped studying. He found L.E.O, a street artist in Paris, in the Montmarte district and studied with him on his own for 2 years. Creating your own unique style in painting Which partially positions him as the Voice of the streets in art

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