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Lidiya Dmitrieva

Artista, Israel

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Acerca del Artista Lidiya Dmitrieva

Lydia was born into a creative family. She was never without a pencil and paper. Before entering Art School in Russia, she studied with a professional watercolorist. She remembered her four years of study at the easel painting department for the rest of her life. After moving to another country, there was no opportunity to work in my specialty. She raised her son alone and worked in the textile industry on a Corneille embroidery machine. Graduated from NYIP Institute of Photography in 2018. Professional artist, seamstress and photographer. She took part in photo exhibitions in Israel and other countries.

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printed here , page 68, 69 Took part in photo exhibitions, which were organized thanks to the site You can see my work here


In 1986 she completed 4 years of study at an art college. Department of painting and pedagogy Graduated from the NYIP in 2018

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