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Inna Kalina

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From the youngest age when I was very small all I wanted is to paint. Unfortunately I dropped an art school when I was a teenager cause with a time I found out that I don't know how to use this skill in my life so I stopped painting at all for more than 8 years. You see, I've been raising in family and surrounding where nobody painted except me. I hadn't had even a thought that I could become an Artist. Back then we didn't have online galleries and the only place you could sell art I saw in a Main Street of my city. So with a time and new technologies I've started painting again and fall in love with that. I feel like it's destiny that I can do it. This is the only task I can spend all day long with.

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That can be pretty much everything but I always get he best feelings when I'm in nature.


March 2024, "Budivelna Artelnya", Dnipro, Ukraine February 2024 , Fabrika L, Dnipro, Ukraine, solo exhibition "In my dreams"



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