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The bright star by the sea

The painting "The bright star by the sea" is a representation of a beautiful woman in a dress that appears as molten gold, sitting by the sea. The symbolic color of her dress an Indian yellow like the blazing sun of July, signifies the beauty and spirit of the young woman, and is also a symbol for the name of the artwork "The bright star by the sea". This artwork was inspired by the painting "Flaming June" by Frederic Leighton. In my representation, the realism of the majestic velvet seat, the stunning bright color of the flaming dress worn by the beautiful young woman add to the beauty of the painting and place the composition in a bright area surrounded by natural light. In the background, the ceruleum sky, and at the feet of the woman, the seashells and seastar brought by the wave of the sea allow the spectator a spectacular view of a beautiful woman that listens to the music of the waves by the sea. by SAFIR OIL ON CANVAS, 49cm x 81cm ORIGINAL ARTWORK

28 $ USD
От Safir and Rifas Art , Румыния
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