Painting "AMBIT" | Artist Robert Szczebiot | Jose Art Gallery
Painting "AMBIT" | Artist Robert Szczebiot | Jose Art Gallery
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Pictorial cycle entitled “A fish rots fr om the head down” refers the sense of existence, space, people living on the earth, their inner lives and other sophisticated topics. During the whole process of creating I was inspired by a feeling of elevation. I don't know whether I got uptight because all I was doing would not be understood? Or maybe artistic expression would be improper? I don't know. I would precisely express all that writing a poem, limerick or making a comic strip, but I'm not a writer and these forms of artistic expression are not my style. This attempt to create something very sophisticated in such a short period of time and the will to debut as an artist was a little bit premature. However, there has been some progress. The reflection on the effects has showed me the way ahead. “A fish rots from the head down” is a pictorial cycle wh ere mystery and uneasiness are hidden. I’ve had these feelings all the time, what is easy to notice, at least for me. In my artworks I’ve wanted to show human nature in a symbolic way. Paintings are inspired by dreams. After some time they've started to differ from my first ideas, changing styles and topics. Adding colours was probably my fight against nostalgia. The mere graveness of the topic provoked nostalgia in me, which I don't like. That's why I've fought and my artworks reflect effects of this battle. „Since I was a little boy I have been fascinated by magical places and objects - wizards, nocturnes, enchanted gardens, mazes... It's no wonder that I have chosen lithography. That was the natural consequence of my artistic and technological interests but also of the atmosphere of the workshop. What I can see and what I associate with lithography - it's pure alchemy!”

Materials: oil/canvas
Size:   43.31 W x 43.31 H x 1.18 D   in
Year of creation: 2013
Original artwork, available in 1 copy
$2,240 USD
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From Robert Szczebiot , Poland
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