Картина "satellite reality 001" | Художник Nike Lililei Silna | Jose Art Gallery
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satellite reality 001

author's technique light painting / limited signed edition of 15 pieces / Fomei Gloss Chrome Film 215 g / story / satellite reality, receives a cosmic signal from space, records everything, cosmic dust settles in each groove, a volunteer, an astronaut harvests everything, goes through each groove with the utmost care and exaggeratedly, decodes the message bit by bit, tries to remember everything and use it immediately, save dust into clearly marked boxes to always find anything, a space vacuum cleaner appears suddenly, vacuums everything around carefully, only leaves the astronaut with his dust box, as far as he can see, but maybe it's different and space dust turns into silver in the vacuum cleaner, it is stored in the catalog of the universe

Материалы: смешанная техника/бумага
Размер:   23.62 В x 15.75 Ш x 0.04 Г   in
Год создания: 2016
Оригинальная работа, доступна в 1 экземпляре
290 $ USD
От Nike Lililei Silna , Чехия
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