Художник Francesco Fatatis

Francesco Fatatis

Художник, Испания

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 01 декабря 2021 года
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I know, it is important to exhibit a life full of artistic adventures, because the paintings are better selling, yet a buyer pays for a picture. The protagonist of the sale is the picture, not the author, obviously the art of Serie A works on the con ...
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Once I won a painting contest in Portorecanati, first between 90 incalted painters. I have never cared about this victory, I did it for the money, you won a nice cash prize. Clearly I participated in many painting exhibitions, hoping to sell my paint ...
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What can I say! I am retired, so I have a long enough past where to look for an academic title, a diploma, a particular course, something that demonstrates that my paintings have a certain and certified root from a competent commission. Search, look ...
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