Художник Claire Denarie- Soffietti

Claire Denarie- Soffietti

Художник, Южно-Африканская Республика

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 27 января 2020 года
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Born and raised in Versailles, I was an autodidactic art student from the outset. After eight years in Barbados and four children , myself and husband (an Italian architect) decided to settle for good and now reside in beautiful Cape Town South Afric ...
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I have exhibited on a very international platform. From the Notorious “Sandy Lane” in Barbados with clients such as Pavarotti and Cliff Richards, to the creative streets of Chelsea New York city at Agora art gallery. Cape Town and Johannesburg have a ...
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Having studied Law at the WITS University of Johannesburg, I was never formally trained. I was an autodidactic art student from the outset.
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