Художник Alessandra Viola

Alessandra Viola

Художник, Великобритания

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 25 октября 2018 года
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Alessandra was born in Italy 47 years ago. She was raised watching her father painting in his studio in Rome. She spent most of her time admiring a man who created some amazing masterpieces just with his passion for art. He used to paint with ink, bu ...
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The most of my works have been sold online around the world but also I have been taken part a several group exhibition in Rome in a private studio. 2010 - Ieva Art Studio - Rome 2011 - La Cartareccia - Art Studio - Rome 2012 - Ieva Art Studio - Rome


I have been creating a magical environment for children for many years, but to move forward in this field in London as a single mum is not easy. So I have created my own studio in my flat. It gives me many chances to dedicate every free moment to my ...
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