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Jose Art Gallery Privacy policy

Effective date: May 22, 2017

This Privacy policy introduces general principles, implemented by Jose Art Gallery to ensure sufficient level of privacy and confidentiality for visitors and users of (“Website”) during its normal operation.

This Privacy policy applies to the Website owned and operated by Pirma europietiška konsultacijų grupė UAB (“Jose Art Gallery” or “we” and derivative “our”, “us”, etc.), a Lithuanian company registered at Eišiškių Sodų 5-oji street, 19, LT-02194, Vilnius, Lithuania. Jose Art Gallery may from time to time designate its partners, hether affiliated or not, to run functionality of the Website fully or partly.

By publishing this Privacy policy on the Website, Jose Art Gallery accepts its responsibility for safety and security of personal information, provided by anyone who visits or uses the Website (“You”). Please contact our support by email should you need any additional clarifications.

Once you access the Website, you warrant that you have reached the age of eighteen and express your consent to be legally bound and responsible under this Privacy policy. Please immediately leave the Website and do not make any actions on the Website if you disagree with any of the following rules.

1. Collection of personal information

Jose Art Gallery collects several types of information while you visit and use the Website. This information includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Information automatically made available to Jose Art Gallery during your visit on Website, such as IP address, redirecting pages, device settings, type of browser, frequency of your visits, information that you may publicly post on the Website, etc.

  2. Information requested by Jose Art Gallery for public disclosure. You submit this information during registration of your account and other actions on Website. You may change or removed it manually at any time. This information includes:
    1. name;
    2. date of birth/organization;
    3. profile image;
    4. public pages in social networks;
    5. visual reproduction of artworks and supporting information;
    6. biographical data and professional portfolio; and
    7. other information.
  3. Information that may be publicly disclosed by Jose Art Gallery upon your authorization. You authorize Jose Art Gallery to disclose this information to third parties once you create an account for artist or intermediary, make a purchase or make any other actions that require such disclosure. This information includes:
    1. your address, phone number and e-mail;
    2. your ordinary business hours; and
    3. other information.
  4. Information that cannot be publicly disclosed. This information is collected and safely stored by Jose Art Gallery for internal purposes:
    1. payment details and billing information;
    2. documents that identify and/or verify your personality; and
    3. other information.
By providing your personal information to Jose Art Gallery you acknowledge that Jose Art Gallery may:
  1. become owner and administrator of your personal information;
  2. collect, process and use your personal information received from any sources; and
  3. transfer your personal information to recipients located in countries with different level of personal data protection.

At any time, you are free to refuse from collection of your information by JAG and prohibit us to use your personal information. To do that, you may remove all the information from your accounts manually or contact our support by email

Jose Art Gallery never collects and never asks you to provide any information about your racial or ethnic origin, health or sex life, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs and trade-union membership.

If you act as intermediary (gallery or curator), Jose Art Gallery will require you to provide us with the abovementioned information regarding each artist you represent. In this case, you warrant that you have obtained sufficient consent to disclose and use each artist’s personal information as prescribed herein.

Jose Art Gallery may also ask you to provide personal information about third parties if you wish to share materials available at the Website or invite third parties to use the Website. In these cases, Jose Art Gallery will ask you to provide the minimum information, necessary to contact third party. You will be clearly notified about the purpose of such collection.

2. Use of your personal information

Normal purposes for which Jose Art Gallery uses your personal information include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Proper operation and improvement of the Website:
    1. registration and management of personal accounts;
    2. identification of items belonging to different artists;
    3. interaction between you, other users and Jose Art Gallery.
  2. Transactional communications, transfer of payments and delivery of items.

  3. Marketing purposes:
    1. analysis of marketing indicators and customer behavior;
    2. delivery of marketing communications, provided that advertising messages will always:
      1. be clearly identified as advertising;
      2. contain a one-click opt-out feature;
      3. contain both return e-mail address and physical postal address of Jose Art Gallery. This return e-mail address will be capable of receiving your communications for no less than 30 days upon transmission of original message.
  4. Customer service:
    1. receiving your feedback;
    2. notification about promotions and special offers on Website.

3. Disclosure of your personal information

Unless otherwise specified by Jose Art Gallery’s Terms of use, we do not disclose, transfer or make available your personal information to third parties.

However, there are several generally acceptable cases, where your personal information may be disclosed by Jose Art Gallery to third parties:

  1. To provide services, available on Website and perform other contractual obligations of Jose Art Gallery. This includes, without limitation, processing and collection of payments, proper delivery of items, storage of data, etc.

  2. To comply with regulatory requirements, applicable to Jose Art Gallery, for example if court or other public authority will direct Jose Art Gallery to disclose your personal information.

  3. To create a suitable corporate structure for Jose Art Gallery. This includes, without limitation, creation of affiliated or subsidiary entities, mergers, acquisitions or sale of the company or Website.

Jose Art Gallery may from time to time determine other cases that require disclosure of your personal information. Such disclosure will be made upon Jose Art Gallery’s sole discretion and we will notify you of it without unreasonable delay.

4. Cookies and similar technologies

Jose Art Gallery uses cookies and similar technologies to manage the Website, track your activities and preferences on the Website and gather other non-personally identifiable information. JAG may also partner with third-party providers of advertising services that use web beacons for interest-based target advertising.

You can manually manage the use and applicability of cookies and web beacons on your device. However, full and proper performance of the Website may not be possible with the cookies disabled.

Please refer to the following links and addresses to get more information about your settings, cookies and web beacons:

  1. - general information about cookies;
  2. - settings of your Flash player;
  3. - application to opt-out from generic advertising;

5. Protection of your personal information

Jose Art Gallery undertakes the following actions to secure and protect your personal information:

  1. Careful selection of reliable third-party service providers.
  2. Encryption of payment data, namely using SSL technology through third-party payment service providers.
  3. Secured storage of information with trusted hosting and colocation partners.
  4. Creation of personal accounts with unique logins and passwords.

Please be aware that neither of these or other security measures are able to guarantee full confidentiality of your information. Jose Art Gallery endeavors to apply latest and most reliable security measures and notifies you once any additional measures will be introduced.

6. General provisions

Website is not indented to be used by minors and underage persons (younger than 18 years). Jose Art Gallery does not knowingly collect any personal information of minors and underage persons. Please contact Jose Art Gallery by email ( should you have any concerns about privacy of minors and underage persons on the Website so that Jose Art Gallery may immediately undertake all the necessary actions. These actions include removal of personal information and/or search of verifiable parental consent for the collection of personal information.

Website may content links to third-party services and resources. Privacy policies of these services and resources may be different rom this Privacy policy. Jose Art Gallery does not bear responsibility for use of your personal information by these third-party services and resources.

Website includes social media features and widgets such as the Facebook Like button. These features may collect your IP address, page you are visiting on the Website, and may set a cookie to enable the feature to function properly. Social media features and widgets are either hosted by a third party or hosted directly on the Website. Your interactions with these features are governed by the privacy policy of the company providing it.

If any provision, term, condition or other portion of this Privacy policy shall be held to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable by any court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining portion of this Privacy policy will remain in full force and effect.

Jose Art Gallery reserves a right to change any of the terms of this Privacy policy at any time upon our sole discretion. Although Jose Art Gallery will notify you once any changes will become effective, you are advised to revise this Privacy policy from time to time.

This Privacy policy is written in English. Any translation hereof or any versions in a language other than English may be used be for convenience only. In the event of any discrepancy between this English version and any other version, the English version shall supersede.