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Strength and beauty of storm

A painting with character is a work that expresses a specific emotion, and if it resonates with you, then you really feel it. Emotion of simultaneous calmness (due to neutral, sometimes pastel colors, modest color palette) and rebellious (due to the shapes and sudden movements of waves). The picture will become a bright addition to your interior, will delight you with its uniqueness for a long time. Thanks to the use of quality materials and oil painting techniques, the picture will retain its appearance for a long time. The work is written on a tee that contains varnish, which means that it is already covered with a small layer of it. Author's Painting, original. Painted sides, which allows you to immediately hang on the wall without a Frame. Any oil painting will serve you for many years, the shelf life is unlimited. And manual work is always a guarantee of uniqueness, originality and features of the product, which will be in a single copy and only yours. The picture was painted by hand, with high-quality oil paints with a tee on a primed fiberboard. Ready to use, can be hung directly on the wall or framed.

$78 USD
Kate Dannyk
From Kate Dannyk , Ukraine
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