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Hamsa Damayanthi

Hamsa Damayanthi- beautiful Ravi Varma painting Princess Damayanthi talking with Royal Swan about Nalan. The story is a side story of the epic MAHABHARATHAM. Nala is a king belonging to the Chandravamsha. He falls in love with Damayanti, the daughter of King Bhima of Vidarbha. Nala is inflamed with love and eager to see Damayanthi. They had never met each other, but nevertheless have fallen in love. Nala wonders how he can seek and win her. He seeks the help of swan, hamsam to carry this message of love to his beloved and marries her with the help of hamsam. SIZE: 24”X18”.Rolled. Unframed. Oil on high quality canvas. SHIPPING: FREE shipping worldwide within 5 working days after receiving the payment. PACKING: All our paintings are professionally packed in the great care to ensure safe delivery thro International courier.

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Ragunath Venkatraman
From Ragunath Venkatraman , India
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