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Golden Winter Flower

In the depths of the forest there is a mysterious glade, where even in winter an unusual twig grows with a large flower resembling a golden bowl. This wonderful plant exudes a heavenly fragrance and brings prosperity to those who look at it. The flower cannot be plucked, it immediately becomes invisible if the viewer has such thoughts. You just have to admire the flower and inhale its aroma. And then go home and create a picture, if you know how to do it. This magical flower now lives in this picture and blesses all who look at it. The golden bowl is filled with abundance and light. Just look at the picture and receive grace. The artist Elena received a blessing for her work from the holy elder Nikolai Guryanov - this blessing is now passed on to all paintings - according to the law of the preservation of grace. The painting "Golden Winter Flower" was among the best for the Christmas week, as well as for January - in the José Art Gallery.

$50 USD
Elena Gerasimova
From Elena Gerasimova , Latvia
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