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Virgo on horseback

"Virgo on Horse" The picture is rather miniature. I set myself the task of painting a small portrait, smaller than a peach, almost the size of a coin, using thin brushes. I like to draw miniatures! "Virgo on Horse" To create this picture, I was inspired by the story of Lady Godiva. According to legend, this noblewoman sacrificed her dignity and rode through the streets of Coventry on horseback, being completely naked. In such a way she upheld the peasantry and inclined the city's count to cut heavy taxes. However, I did not want to provoke all the sadness of the situation in which the poor woman found herself, yet to show the beauty of a naked virgin and the gracefulness of a horse. In my way of expression, it is a story about femininity and beauty, about a gentle maiden who looked strong being able to hold back such an obstinate and strong horse. It's a combination of tenderness and strength. I attempted to reveal this concept by depicting woman hair and horse mane that looks like one whole in my composition. It is that the horse is obedient and friendly in her hands. He raises her above the world and her gaze is fixed on him. I filled the sky with the mystical dark starry night and the rising moon as the beginning of the path ... The hair is covered with gold to make it shine like in a fairytale. Perhaps, this is my inner message to others, as I admire the deed of that Lady Godiva. And at the same time, my ego wishes for a sense of flight, to feel support and its own strength, to know that everything in life is possible. That women are much stronger than they think and they can do great things.

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Halyna Mur
From Halyna Mur , Poland
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