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Crime scene

A crime scene A crime scene is any location that may be associated with a committed crime. Crime scenes contain physical evidence that is pertinent to a criminal investigation. After a crime scene has been discovered, it is important that measures are taken to secure and protect the scene from contamination. In order to maintain the integrity of the scene, law enforcement must take action to block off the surrounding area as well as keep track of who comes in and goes out. By taking these precautions, officers can ensure that evidence that is collected can be used in court. Evidence that has become contaminated, tampered with, or mistreated can pollute the scene and cause a case to be thrown out of court. That's what heppened here. A square (pastel color) sprayed by Phosphor spray paint, which is visible underneath the tape, glows in green in darkness. Effect spray paint with light-storing phosphor pigments Night Glow Effect: glows in green in darkness. Visible as pastel color by daylight. A real nightrocker: luminescent spray that stores light and emits light in darkness. Luminous power depends on surface and it is pretreatment as well as on the duration of energy charging. READY TO HANG - SHIPPED IN BOX Enamel, Phosphor Spray Paint,Tape and Fiberglass on Canvas 80 x 80 cm

$175 USD
Patrik Šíma
From Patrik Šíma , Czechia
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