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This contemporary artwork is made of the found original soviet porcelain bust of Lenin, partially covered with gold leaf. As a result of this artistic gesture, the artist erases the propaganda and ideological meanings of the images, at the same time endowing them with decorative qualities. However, with all the fun of this manipulation, the sculptures acquires new meanings, an antonymous combination of play and seriousness, prompting the viewer to go beyond the accepted paradigm. In 2015 the Ukrainian government banned all symbols and images associated with the USSR. But numerous oil portraits, sculptures, monuments and other images of Lenin began to be removed from public places decades before the "decommunization laws". What happened to the hundreds of thousands portraits of former Soviet leader? Many of them are already destroyed. Some of them had been left in attics or basements. I am looking for all these forgotten things and giving them a new life.

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Oleksandr Balbyshev
From Oleksandr Balbyshev , Ukraine
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