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About the gallery Gammas Art Gallery

Gammas Art Gallery is a fine art gallery located in London, specialising in premium quality Tibetan art originating in the Himalayan mountains. Tibetan art does not consist of merely paintings but are reminders and celebrations of the rituals and values of a bygone era. These ancient civilisation’s beliefs and ideals live on within the artist and paint, with positivity residing in the fabric. The contemporary textile mounted Thangka paintings are modern statements but are founded on antiquity. Buddhist Lamas’ ancient secrets and artistic techniques are passed from generation to generation, allowing us to appreciate the art today. Tibetan art combines a unique blend of bright colour with 24 carat gold, sterling silver and Himalayan precious and semi-precious mineral stones, executed with intense precision to create an exquisite piece of art.

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Total Area - 40 sq.m.
Total Number of Rooms - 2
Seating Capacity - 20 people
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