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Auctions 4M Art gallery

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Odessa, French Boulevard, 33
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 May 27th, 2019

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About the gallery Auctions 4M Art gallery

Auction 4m art curated by Alik Vetrof & team 4M-GALLERY / 4M GALLERY Auction 4m Art curator Alik Vetrof & team Auction 4m. Auction of paintings by contemporary artists, auctions are held on Saturdays from 19:00 to 19:30. Live for 30 minutes, the art curator will talk about the painting, a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about the lot. Project Auction 4m, created by art curator Alik Vetrof together with Tatyana Lebedeva, art gallery "Cappuccino" and art gallery "4m". Partners in art auctions are: art gallery 4m site https://4m-gallery.com experts of the club "Time and Thought" Odessa, French Boulevard, Odessa Film Studio, "Odessa Creative", art magazine "SAVA". You have a rare opportunity to hear the art of the curator and artists, live, sincere discussions about contemporary art. They will share with you this process, their inspiration, tell you what brought them to where they are working today, and put their paintings up for sale. In addition, you will take a live part in the auction, where you set your prices. Auction rules. Rates are multiples of 10% of the original cost of the painting. Bets can be made from the moment the auction is announced, during the live broadcast. After the end of the live broadcast, the picture remains in the active auction for 15 days. How can an artist participate? You can place a painting at auction by submitting an application. How to apply? More details on the website https://4m-gallery.com To make a decision on the participation of an art object in the 4m auction, we need: 1. Photographs of the front and back sides, separately - signatures, inscriptions, etc., of normal quality (normal sharpness, illumination and color reproduction, with file sizes of at least 5000–1000 KB). 2. Description of the work: 3. Last name, first name, patronymic, pseudonym (if any), short autobiography of the artist 1 page date of his birth, (years of life); 4. Title of work; 5. Year of creation of the work; 6. Material; 7. Technique, author's style of performance; 8. The size of the work; 9. Circulation and copy number (for circulation graphics); 10. The presence or absence of design (frame, passe-partout, etc.). 11. Provenance - information about the history of the existence of the work: belonging to private collections, participation in exhibitions, auctions, mentions in publications. 12. Examination and other written confirmations of authenticity from specialized experts (written confirmations of authenticity from the authors themselves or the heirs of the artists are possible). 13. Seller's reserve price. Auction 4m Must Have Lot Contacts Art gallery "Cappuccino" "4m" Odessa, Ukraine Viber +380669165936 https://4m-gallery.com https://www.facebook.com/art.modern2016/ https://www.instagram.com/artgallerycappuccino/

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Odessa, French Boulevard, 33

Rental information

Total Area - 65 sq.m.
Total Number of Rooms - 1
Seating Capacity - 45 people
Our creative team organizes and conducts exhibitions and auctions, pre-auction exhibitions. We have two galleries and online auctions. Digital marketing, sale and promotion of paintings by artists. You can see more details on the pages of art galleries 4 M Auctions. Studio video and photo shooting, live broadcasts of auctions Sincerely, art curator Alik Vetrof
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