231⭐M. Canard, inexploré_AnnaA Peinture de Anna Andiainen
231⭐M. Canard, inexploré_AnnaA Peinture de Anna Andiainen
231⭐M. Canard, inexploré_AnnaA - acheter
231⭐M. Canard, inexploré_AnnaA - painting
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231⭐M. Canard, inexploré_AnnaA

Anna AndiainenFinlande
Oeuvre originale, 21×30 cm, 2023
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Caractéristiques du tableau “231⭐M. Canard, inexploré_AnnaA”

Année de création2023
Dimensions21 L × 30 H × 0.2 P   cm
Types d'artpeinture
Matériauxacrylique, carton
Mode d'emballageemballage carton
Mots clés
ArtisteAnnaAndiainenArtisteAnnaAndiainenModerneVente de droitPour un usage commercial

Description de l'œuvre “231⭐M. Canard, inexploré_AnnaA”

Traduction automatique

Invité, bienvenue. Oeuvre originale. C'est une autre de mes œuvres de la collection "Mr. Duck". L'idée derrière cette œuvre d'art est de combiner la simplicité de la perception d'un enfant avec la nostalgie. Des peintures acryliques et à l'huile sont utilisées pour l'œuvre d'art. Le travail se fait en 4 couches. Artiste : Anna Andiainen, Finlande. Merci!

Oeuvre à l'intérieur

À propos de l'artiste
Anna Andiainen

Anna Andiainen, Finlande

Guest, welcome to this wonderful online 🎨gallery. You are on the page of a living artist. On our page, you will find portrait, texture painting, abstraction. 📑We have also learned texture oil painting and have mastered digital sketching. Harmonious color combinations inspire us in many 🌿places where they read well. Our work is done in 3-4 layers with acrylic or/and oil paints. 🏡Our home countries are Finland and France. Each of us is a happy parent living in our own 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦family. We can create artistic 🖼️images by hand and have excellent color perception, spatial imagination, and a sense of form and harmony. We create paintings on high-quality canvas (canvas density 400-450 gr/meter, 100% linen) stretched on a quality wooden stretcher. The sides of each of our paintings are colored, there is no need to frame the picture. To create works of art we use quality acrylic and oil paints produced in Finland, France and the United Arab Emirates. 👉The page features original artwork by Finnish artist Anna Andiainen. Anna Andiainen is a Finnish artist with almost 25 years of experience in many industries and geographies. Her CV includes banking and finance, trade management and development, nursing. Anna also teaches. Anna works on bespoke commissions as well as assembling her work into themed collections. Anna's artistic style with light texture has brought her many accolades. (1983, started creating work in 2015, she took a professional painting course at university. In 2023 she completed a texture painting course at the International School of Art. 2024 - Received a grant. Anna Andiainen has mastered the "Black & White" course at the International School of Contemporary Creativity.), French artist Mila Ihander (1979, started creating work in 2015, in 2023 she completed a texture painting course at the International School of Art) and artist Olivia Trojan (8 years old), who graduated from an art course in Lahti. In our works, you will find warmth and luminous sincerity, an unvarnished essence of content in paintings that speak to you. 🔔📦 Please do not hesitate to contact Jose should you have any further queries. Payment is made to Jose. Before sending the painting, we send additional photos of the artwork. Up to 7 pieces. If you are satisfied with everything, you pay for the painting. The painting will be packed as follows: a protective layer on the main image, a double layer of film, and a layer of thick cardboard. The description will be given in English.

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