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What should be done to have my Private Account translated into Chinese or other languages in international versions of the site Jose Art Gallery?

For all international versions of Jose Art Gallery the English language has priority over regional languages. It means that if you filled your profile (biography, list of previous exhibitions) and names of paintings in English, in all other versions of the site your profile or the name of a painting will be displayed in English. For example, if you filled your profile in English on it will be displayed in English in the Chinese version and in the Russian version At the same time if an artist creates his/her profile (including names of artworks) in the Chinese version, he/she will have to do it in the regional (Chinese) language and in English on

NOTE for exclusive artists.

If you are an exclusive artist of our site, we offer services of translating the public part of your profile and names of works into Chinese.

Filling Chinese versions of public profiles of exclusive artists is our responsibility. You should not worry about it.

We will translate your biography and names of your works into Chinese within some period of time (up to 5 working days) each time after updating your profile or posting new paintings.

In special cases we admit possible untranslatability of some artists' profiles and their artworks in the Chinese version of the site These special cases may be a preliminary agreement between the exclusive artist and the administration of the site or lack of capability to translate on our behalf.