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How will I know that my artwork was sold? What should I do in this case?

We will inform you as soon as your artwork is sold. Our managers will contact you by email and provide detailed information about the sale. You will be also sent the instruction on timely shipment of your artwork to the customer.

  1. Our managers will inform you by email or telephone about selling your artwork and will send you detailed instructions on sending the work directly to the client. Within 48 hours since the moment of sale you will be sent shipment documents for this artwork.

  2. You personally will have to perform packaging the artwork in accordance with our instructions.

  3. The arrival time of the mail service courier to send your artwork (within 3 days since the customer purchased the artwork) will be agreed with you.


  • The cost of delivery is paid by the buyer at the time of purchase;

  • The artist is responsible for packaging his artworks for shipment;

  • The packaging expenses are born by the artist

  • Artists are responsible for placing a certificate, in accordance with the sample sent by Jose Art Gallery, into the package with the artwork.