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How can I obtain the fee for selling my work?

You can obtain your fee for selling your artwork 7 (seven) days after the buyer receives your artwork. We will notify you by email or telephone so that you know when your money will be ready to be transferred.

To obtain a fee for selling your artwork you will have to prepare a "Fee Request Form". The form will become available only after the first sale of your artwork in the Artist's Private Online Office|Account in the section "My Sales".

The order of preparing the "Fee Request Form":

Step 1 – enter your Artist's Private Online Office|Account and then "My Sales". In the tab "History of Sales" check the status of your recent sale. If the status of the sale is "Performed", your money is ready for the payment and the link to "Fee Request Form " is active. We ask you once again to remember that your money will be available for payment 7 days after the buyer receives the artwork. You will be notified by us about when the status of the sale will change for "Performed" and you will obtain your fee.

Step 2 – When preparing the "Fee Request Form" and proceeding to a corresponding link you will have to choose between the methods of receiving the fee (for example transfer to a payment card).