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What is the amount of commission (%) which I will have to pay for selling my piece of art?

When your work is sold JAG receives a 35% commission of the final price.

In some cases we offer promotion discounts (10-15% of the final price) as incentives for new and recurring customers. We also have a multilayered discount system (10-15%) for designers and architects.

So if your work is sold with a discount, the sum of the discount will be divided 50/50 between you and us and will be further subtracted from the price of the piece of art.

For example you have assessed you artwork at 1000 USD. JAG's commission is 350 USD. If the work was sold with a promotion discount (let's assume 10%), we will additionally subtract 5% from your income of 650 USD. Finally you receive 617.5 USD.


Take the following factors into consideration when assessing the price of your work.