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How can I initiate the function "Price on Demand"?

Function "Price on Demand" is only accessible to exclusive artists. This function (in the "Price" tab) is used by the artist in course of adding or editing a work when setting the price for the work.

The function "Price on Demand" enables the artist not to give the final price for the work in the following cases:

  • if the work has been sold (for instance sculpture), but it is possible to create its replica with similar characteristics;

  • at the moment of posting the price for the work has not been established by the artist


  • Operating the function "Price on Demand" reduces buyers' interest in the work as it is associated with something rather exclusive and very expensive, which may not reflect the reality. Thus a potential buyer of your piece of art may be frightened for no good reason.

  • In case a customer requests the "Price on Demand" the author is to inform the site administration about the approximate price for this artwork to enable a dialogue with the interested customer;

  • In case of buyer's consent to the proposed "Price on Demand" the invoice for the work of art will be sent to the buyer by email.