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How can I remove a work from the online gallery?

To remove your work from the online gallery take the following steps:

Step 1 – Go over to ''Your Works" in the Artist's Private Online Office|Account and then choose the section "All Posted Works" where you can see all works you previously posted.

Step 2 –Find the work you need and click "Delete" under the description of the work.

Step 3 –After clicking "Delete " you will be offered the choice either to confirm or to change your decision to remove the work. Be careful! In case you confirm your decision to remove the work, all information about the work will be completely deleted in our database. If you have sold a work not through the Jose Art Gallery we recommend you to change its status for "Sold" rather than remove it completely from the JAG site. To do this (in the same section) change the status from "For Sale" to "Sold" by clicking the switch under the description. If you decided to delete the work altogether click the button "Delete the Work Completely".