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Control the relevance of your gallery

If one of your artworks, which you uploaded to your gallery, has been sold through Jose Art Gallery, its status will automatically change for "Sold".

However in cases when you have sold the work through some other site, not JAG, we do not recommend you to remove the work from the site but change its status for "Sold". Your potential buyers and other collectors will have to know which artworks have been sold and which are still available.

Besides your timely update of the status of the work will help to avoid inconveniences which may arise if someone wants to buy a piece of art, which was earlier sold by you through a different site, not JAG.

To change the status of an artwork for "Sold" or "For Sale" take the following steps:

Step 1- In the left-side bar of the Artist's Private Online Office|Account choose the section "Your Works", which contains all works you have posted at Jose Art Gallery.

Step 2 – Point the cursor to the image of the work you want to edit. Click "For Sale" or "Sold" under the image of the artwork depending on what status you want to choose for the artwork.

The chosen status of the work makes the button frame dark. When changed from "For Sale" to "Sold" a diagonal frame with "Sold" on it appears across the image of the work, which serves buyers better convenience.


To change the status of a work you don't have to enter the editing mode by clicking "Edit".