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How can I assess my work?

It is always You who sets the price for your works, but remember that pricing is a considerable factor in selling your artworks. You must understand that viewing your works potential buyers may compare them and their prices to those of other artists.

We might only recommend you to be logical in setting price for your artwork and consider the principles and methods of pricing in the art market in general.

When setting price for your art work we recommend you to consider the following factors:

  • the size, support and materials used in making as well as amount of your time spent on the work;

  • Your personal artistic achievements: rewards, previously held exhibitions, press reviews etc.

To increase chances that your artworks will be sold we recommend you to display works in different price categories. For example many people may adore your work but unfortunately they cannot afford to spend 20000 USD for your work. However they can easily spare 500 USD for your work of a smaller size.

Offering works in different price rates you simultaneously attract buyers with different financial possibilities, many of whom may later become your fans and regular customers.


We highly recommend to take the following factors into consideration when assessing the price of your work.

1). In the sale of your work JAG receives a 35% commission of the final price.

2). In some cases we offer promotion discounts (10-15% of the final price) as incentives for new and recurring customers. We also have a multilayered discount system (10-15%) for designers and architects. So if your work is sold with a discount, the sum of the discount will be divided 50/50 between you and us and will be further subtracted from the price of the piece of art. For example, you have assessed you artwork at 1000 USD. JAG's commission is 350 USD. If the work was sold with a promotion discount (let's assume 10%), we will additionally subtract 5% from your income of 650 USD. Finally you receive 617.5 USD.