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Uploading several photos of one artwork

Together with adding the main photo of your work we let you add some more photos of the same work. We called them DETAILED PHOTOS. In detailed photos you can show your work at a different angle or photograph, its separate parts or components. This approach enables collectors and site visitors to view the artwork more closely – study the details and assess its appearance.  

Detailed photos are not obligatory as details of artworks can be obtained through the enlargement function on the work preview page.

Step 1 – To upload detailed images of your work you should enter your Artist's Private Online Office|Account  then choose "Your Works" in the main menu and then find the tab "Create a Work".

Step 2 – Start adding a new work to your online gallery by clicking "Start Adding a Work of Author to the Site ".

Step 3 - In the tab "Uploading Images " you are given the opportunity to upload other detailed photos of the work in addition to the main photo. You can upload up to 4 detailed photos. After upload  in order to continue adding works to your online gallery click "Continue" in the bottom part of the screen.

Step 4 – To save the uploaded information go to the "Price" tab. After verification of the uploaded information click "Publish on Site".


You can also add detailed photos to the previously posted works. To do this you should choose "Your Works"' in the main menu in your Artist's Private Online Office|Account, then proceed to "All Published Works" and after choosing the necessary work click "Edit". Then perform all the operations provided for by Step 3. To save the added detailed photos of artworks perform all these actions until you reach "Save Changes".