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I sold my work at a different place. How can I update my online gallery at Jose Art Gallery?

If you have sold the work through some other site, not through JAG, we do not recommend you to remove the work from the site but change its status for "Sold". Your potential buyers and other collectors will have to know which artworks have been sold and which are still available.

To change the status of the work for "Sold" do the following:

  1. Go over to "Your Works" in your Artist's Private Online Office|Account then choose "All Published Works" where you can see all your previously posted works.

  2. Then find the sold artwork and change its status from "For Sale" to "Sold" by clicking the switch under the description of the work. After changing the status from "For Sale" into "Sold" a diagonal tape with "SOLD" on it will appear across the image of the piece of art which serves buyers best convenience.