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How can I edit the previously posted works at the site?

To edit your previously posted works (your paintings, photos or other original pieces of art) you should take the following steps:

  1. Options
    1. Go over to your Artist's Private Online Office|Account and choose the artwork you want to edit, point your cursor to it and then click on the "Pencil" in the top right corner of the artwork display. In this way you enter the mode of editing
    2. go over to "Your Works" in the main menu in your Artist's Private Online Office|Account then choose "All Published Works" where you can see all your previously posted works. Then find the necessary work and click on the "Edit" button under the description of the work. So you will enter editing mode in the opened editing bar.
  2. The sequence of work editing is the same as adding a new work. You will be offered to take 5 steps (image upload, form of art, characteristics, packaging, price) like in adding a work but with previously entered information about the work.
  3. If necessary enter the necessary changes in each step and then click "Continue";
  4. To bring the introduced changes into force click "Save the Changes" in the last step "Price".