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How can I create the artist' online gallery, add work and display them for sale?

To create your online gallery and post paintings, photos or your other pieces of art for sale you should go over to the section "Your Works" in the Artist's Private Online Office|Account and then chose "Create a Work" and click "Start Adding a Work of Author to the Site".

Then in the opened bar you should do the following:

Step 1 – Uploading Images

The main photo is the image of your artwork which is displayed as a main image in preview on a separate page of information about the artwork or when imitating viewing the painting in the room or during considerable enlargement.

Detailed photo is an image of separate parts of an artwork where one can study peculiarities and technique as well as details of the plot or of the exterior. Detailed photos are not obligatory for posting as they can be obtained by the site visitors by zooming a certain painting.

Upload both the main or/and detailed photos of your artwork by clicking "Upload" under the grey square.

After completing uploading images of your artwork click "Continue"

Step 2 – Type of the art

In this section you should specify the following parameters:

  • type of visual art to which your artwork belongs

  • genre (for paining, graphics, sculpture, photography)

  • style

  • is the piece of art original?

  • are you the copyright holder for the artwork?

After specifying the abovementioned parameters click "Continue"

Step 3 – Characteristics

In this section you should specify the following parameters:

  • Name of your artwork;

  • The section "Description of the Work…" does not have to be filled. However, additional description of the work can become an important factor in selecting your work by a buyer. Description of the work may help the buyer to understand the artist's work (the underlying idea and conditions of its creation) deeper. In this section you can provide description in any format at you discretion;

  • Give tags (key words), the list of which provides brief characteristics of your artwork for the sake of convenient browsing at the site among many other artworks. You should give several single tags (up to 5-7 tags), each tag – one word, separated by a comma. For example for a sea-piece the following tags can suit: sea, boats, scenery, seagulls, calm sea. Giving tags is not mandatory but optional.

  • Year of the artwork creation

  • Material of creation

  • Size (dimensions) of your artwork;

If you are an exclusive artist, you have an access to the function of selling framed paintings. In this case after putting a tick-mark next to "Framed painting" in addition to the size of the canvas also give the dimensions of the framed artwork.

We ask you to be careful giving the actual size in centimeters, as this parameter has considerable influence on the cost of international delivery. 

After specifying the abovementioned parameters click "Continue"

Step 4 – Packaging

This section is introductory and is meant to countercheck the dimensions you indicated. It notifies you about the volume weight calculated in accordance with the information you gave.

The countercheck of your information is of considerable importance as the cost of international transportation may depend on the space taken by the freight rather than its actual weight. This is so-called volume (dimension) weight.


In case of a sale you as an artist perform packaging for shipment of artworks to the buyer. You will receive instructions on packaging of works from our managers who will contact you immediately after your work is sold.

Shipment of your artworks is also performed by you through courier services partnering with us. Our managers will contact you and consult on shipment of the work immediately after your work is sold.

More detailed information about packaging and delivery can be found in the section "Packaging and Delivery".

After viewing the information click "Continue".

Step 5 – Price

In this section you should give the price (in US dollars) of your artwork, which will be displayed at the site.

Please note that when your artwork is sold JAG receives a 35% commission from the final price. Please take this into account when assessing price for your work.

In the bottom part of this section the button "Preview" will enable you to see how your artwork will be displayed at the site.

After double-checking your information click "Publish on Site"

Congratulations! Now your artwork has been posted both in your online gallery and the gallery of all artists' works.


Our site imposes no limitations on the number of your artworks you can post. You can post and sell as many works of yours as possible!