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Site Support Center
My artist's public page was hidden from site visitors. What could be the reason?

We can hide your Artist's public page from collectors and visitors of the site temporarily because your violation of rules and norms of Jose Art Gallery. At the same time your access to your Artist's private online office|account will not be blocked.

Your profile can be hidden on the following reasons (though their list may contain more):

  1. In your online gallery we have discovered insufficient number of artworks relevant for sale.
    Recommendation: To restore the Artist's public page we ask you to add 5 more artworks good for sale.

  2. Most of the artworks displayed for sale have very poor quality, which complicates viewing by buyers and collectors.
    Recommendation: Renew poor images by editing artworks in your online gallery and we will display them on your Artist's public page again.

  3. We have discovered that some information of your public profile (biography and exhibitions) is not full and explicit enough.
    Recommendation: Fill in the missing information of your public profile and we will restore your Artist's public page.


Before hiding your Artist's public page you will be informed in advance by email about the violations, which have to be removed to restore you profile.