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What is the right way to fill in the section "Biography" on the artist's public page?

To fill in the "Biography" section on the artist's public page you should take the following steps:

Step 1 – Log in to you Artist's private online office|account and chose "Your profile" in the main menu

Step 2 – Go over to "Detailed information"

Step 3 – Fill the section "Author's biography"


Please don't confine yourself to several short sentences of your biography. Tell the Jose Art Gallery site visitors as much as you can about you. Each collector and prospective buyer will be anxious to know more about you as an artist study your creative career and understand the motives which impelled you to create such unique pieces of art. Remember that buying your artworks the buyer wants to be confident that he/she is buying an original artwork of a true creator whose creative career he/she knows.