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What is the artist's public page?

Your artist's public page is something you or another visitor of the site can see when viewing your public profile in the section "Artists".

Your artist's public page has a lot to tell about you. It is sort of a resume which supplies the site users with information about you as an artist.

We recommend you to be scrupulous about giving shared information. But it doesn’t mean that you have to turn your public page into a plain and monotonous resume. On the contrary, we mean that it has to be interesting and colorful. Involve all your creativity into this process. Do not hesitate to tell about you in your own words following no particular format. The visitors of the site and admirers of your work will be anxious to find out more about you. Viewing pieces of your work in the online gallery which you created the visitors of the site will be curious to know your biography, life stories and your artistic experience which served the basis for your artworks.

If you have doubts about correctness of completing your artist's public page, do not hesitate to contact our specialists through the online chat in the bottom right corner of the screen or write to We will gladly consult you and assist in completing your public page.

The artist's public page contains the following shared information, which you provided in "Your profile" in the Artist's private online office|account:

  • Your photo

  • Your first and last name

  • Form of art which you do as an artist

  • Biographic facts

  • Information about the previously held exhibitions

  • Links to posts and references of you in the Internet 

  • Video materials about you as an artist (if available) with reference to video-hosting resources. 

  • Your online gallery – Your pieces of art posted at the Jose Art Gallery site.