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An artist's registration at the site has been declined

Jose Art Gallery respect work of all artists without any exception, however we have our rules, violation of which can make us decline your registration at our site.

An artist's registration at the site can be refused on the following (but not only) reasons:

  • The Registration request form was filled incorrectly (for example photos of poor quality, which is insufficient to view them properly, have been attached to the form; the information in the Registration request form is not accurate or false etc.);

  • The proposed artworks contain sexual or raunchy images; they propagate brutality and violence, racial discrimination and xenophobia or obscene life-style;

  • Previously the artist's registration was declined or his/her account was blocked and he/she was excluded from the Jose Art Gallery community for violation of the terms of use of the Jose Art Gallery site.


Jose Art Gallery reserves the right not to explain to the artist why his/her registration has been rejected.