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Prove your identity

To observe intellectual property protection norms as well as to ensure transparency of business operations between the buyer and the artist we ask you to prove your identity during the registration as an artist.

To go through the identity confirmation procedure we ask you to upload the photo of the front page of your passport or driver's license in the section of personal identification in your private account.

To do this the following steps have to be taken:

Step 1 - After checking in as an artist enter your private account and chose the "Your profile" section.

Step 2 - Chose the tab "Address and Identification" and then go down to "User Identification".

Step 3 – Click "Chose the File" and chose the image of the front page of your passport or your driver's license in your computer. Then click the button "Save".

Step 4. If you use an artist's nickname, which is different from the one indicated in your passport, you should give your real name in the corresponding field.

The process of identity verification in our system takes up to 48 hours. At the same time it does not impede your full-scale work at out website. However, if we find discrepancies during the identity check, we will have to block your private account and then remove all the information you have uploaded.


Jose Art Gallery website adheres to privacy policy and never provides your personal information to the third parties.