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What should be done after an artist received invitation by email?

1). To continue your registration after receiving the invitation to your e-address you should follow the link in the invitation which will take you to the artist's registration form at the Jose Art Gallery site.

Before using the link make sure that you were selected to receive the invitation from the Jose Art Gallery website.

2). Then you should fill in the registration form to create your artist's private online office|account. In corresponding fields enter the following information:

- Your first name and family name.

- Email address, which will be further used as a log-in to your artist's private online office|account.

- Telephone, which we can use to contact you

- Password to enter your account.

After filling all fields in the registration form click "Save".

3). After registration when entering the artist's private online office|account for the first time you will be able to familiarize yourself with the "Terms of Use of the Site" in the popup window. Make sure you have read them thoroughly by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. Choosing the option "Accept" you agree to the conditions of usage of the Jose Art Gallery site.

4). To confirm your account you will have to undergo verification by entering your mobile phone number and the confirmation code which was sent to you in SMS.

This procedure will only take you several minutes and will let you use all functions of the account in full. In case you refuse to read the "Terms of use of the site" and go through verification the functions of your account will be considerably limited.

Congratulations! Your private account has been created. Now you can enjoy all privileges of an artist at our website.

NOTE: After the registration is over don't forget to fill the section "Your profile" in your private account. Otherwise you won't be able to create the artist's public page and online gallery at the site.