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How can an artist receive an electronic registration invitation from galleries and curators registered at the Jose Art Gallery site?

To receive the registration invitation from galleries or curators registered at our site you have to cooperate with the indicated galleries or curators. The cooperation can be registered by turning directly to a gallery or to a curator.

Invitations from galleries or curators are sent by authorized representatives of galleries or directly by curators having access to their accounts at our sites.

Galleries or curators are only entitled to send an electronic registration invitation to artists who they supervise (cooperate).


  1. Of all galleries displayed at our site only those galleries can send an electronic registration invitation to an artist that directly run their individual Webpages (have access; post events, news and article directly). If you wish to receive an electronic registration invitation from galleries displayed at the site, make sure they have direct access to their profiles and render supervisory assistance through our site.

  2. When checking in at the site through an e-invitation from a gallery or curator an artist's profile is automatically linked to the personal webpage of a gallery/curator that invited the artist. So except in the section "Artists" it (Artist's Profile) is displayed on a public webpage of a certain gallery/curator in the section "Gallery's Artists" or "Curator's Artists".

  3. Artists invited by galleries or curators become part of the Jose Art Gallery art-community. They must comply with all the rules of the website Jose Art Gallery.