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Can an author sell prints printed by him/her personally

Yes, the author of photography or digital art has the right to sell on our website prints made by him/her personally or ordered by him/her elsewhere. However, in this case, such an author is responsible for the quality and shipment of goods to the buyer, in accordance with the Terms of Use of our website.

Our website offers authors to choose one of two types of prints for sale: Open Edition and Limited Edition.

Open Edition usually means that an artwork (for example, a photograph or a digital painting) can be printed or produced in unlimited number. This means that anyone can purchase a copy and there is no limit to its production. Such editions may be available in various sizes, materials, and other options.

Limited Edition means that an artwork is limited in number. For example, it may be limited to 100 copies, and each copy may be numbered and signed by the author or manufacturer. Usually, these editions are more valuable as they are in short supply, which makes them more unique and previous to collect. Limited editions may contain additional items such as unique packaging or certificates of authenticity