Reglamento de la comunidad

Our main purpose is to provide all Jose Art Gallery Users with a professional social platform with help of which you can safely interact with each other, take inspiration, and realize your creative demands.
Jose Art Gallery team has been thinking long and hard how to create a safe and open environment for each member of our multifaceted community. We do our best to make you feel comfortable. At the same time, it is up to each of you depends largely weather our community will remain active and safe.
As a reference of User's behavior , We developed the Jose Art Gallery Community Rules. Please pay a bit of your attention to review them. We hope you to comply with them easily.
Help us to implement this idea!

Be friendly
Interact and communicate with other community users with the principle of mutual respect. Do not go personals or insult others. Do not post content that portrays people in offensive or threatening ways.

Respect intellectual property
Do not post materials that violate author's rights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights belonging to others. We will delete such content if we find it on our own or at the request of the copyright holder.

Appreciate Privacy policy
Do not post confidential information concerning you or other Users, or any other content that violates the legal rights of another person to confidentiality.

Help support the safe space of our community
Hate Language. We prohibit content of any type that incites hatred or advocating violence against a person or a group of people on a factual or apparent racial basis, skin color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, disability, state of health, political views, etc.
Violent content. Content that promotes, encourages or supports violent or other criminal behavior; describes or promotes serious injury, torture or mutilation of people or animals.
Suicide and self-harm. Do not post materials that promote suicide and self-harm. This prohibition also applies to content that encourages others to harm themselves.
Human trafficking and prostitution. It is prohibited to use our platform to promote any forms of human trafficking and commercial sexual services.
Child exploitation. Do not post, send or demand content of sexual character involving minors that promotes sexual violence against children or encourages it.
Illegal activity. Content that promotes any illegal activity or encourages it is prohibited. In particular, this prohibition applies to the distribution, purchase and sale of illegal goods.

Support the reputation of our platform.
Deceptive behavior. Jose Art Gallery is built on trust. It is prohibited to impersonate another person or to imitate the work of another author.
Spam, resources abuse or malicious software. It is forbidden to use our service for sending mass unclaimed messages or post content of any type which is repeated, does not concern the subject or is intended for commercial activity on the website of third-party developers. Do not use our platform for phishing or transmitting viruses, malware etc.
If you face content that violates these Rules, please let us know.

For our part, We will do our best to use the Service comfortably. We inform you that Jose Art Gallery is not responsible for any content placed or redirected within the platform by any User.
Opinions that are expressed by Users on Jose Art Gallery platform belong to Users and do not reflect the official policy or positions of Jose Art Gallery.

If we find the User to abuse a platform and/or Services we provide, we can, at our discretion, remove the content and/or account of this User.

With gratitude for your understanding and respect,
Team of Jose Art Gallery.