La antigua Dibujo - Ed Schaap - Jose Art Gallery

Características del Dibujo “La antigua”

Año de creación2023
Dimensiones60 A × 50 Al × 2 P   cm
Tipos de artegráfico
Materialesóleo, lienzo
Método de embalajeembalaje de cartón

Descripción de la obra “La antigua”

Traducción automática

Este ser onírico ha estado allí desde el comienzo del mundo onírico. Tiene que asegurarse de que las nuevas criaturas encuentren su camino en el mundo de los sueños para que no se pierdan. En las ramas y montañas más altas, ella supervisa los mundos y señala a las nuevas criaturas su lugar.

La antigua

Ed SchaapPaíses Bajos
dibujo original, 60×50 cm, 2023
Obra vendida

Obras de arte en el interior

Acerca del Artista
Ed Schaap

Ed Schaap, Países Bajos

My name is Ed Schaap, I was born in Sittard, Limburg, Netherlands in 1965. As a child, I already showed a penchant for fantasy and science fiction movies and series that were shown on television at the time. Especially around the time movies like Star Wars and Alien came out, I was fascinated and fascinated by this unknown world. As for the art that I create, I have to say that I have been influenced and inspired by certain artists and concept artists, but over time I have found my own way. The works that I create are, as a rule, subjects from history, myths and legends, as well as things from everyday life. I give my own vision. In the beginning I used an airbrush. At a certain point, I started to miss a few things in my work. While experimenting with the combination of brush and airbrush, I realized that the painterly effect of brushwork was the missing element in my work. With these two components together in my recent work I find the result satisfactory. Despite this result, I also started painting with oils. Here a completely new world opened up for me, for example, the colors obtained with oil paint are almost impossible to create with acrylic paint.