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Certificate of Authenticity


Certificate of Authenticity and Quality Assurance

Each client of the Jose Art Gallery receives a Certificate in case of acquisition of a:

  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Print (printed replica of a painting) or other artworks from the online gallery.

What is the Certificate of Authenticity
and Quality Assurance?

The Certificate of Authenticity and Quality Assurance from the Jose Art Gallery confirms the quality and authenticity of the artworks presented for sale in our online gallery.


Why do you need the Certificate?

The Certificate is attached to the artwork you have purchased; we recommend you keep it while you possess the painting, sculpture, or print. In case of resale or donation of your purchased artwork, the Certificate will serve as confirmation of the authenticity and quality of the artwork.

How can you get the Certificate?

After the end of your 7-day return period, we will mail the original Certificate to the physical address you specified at the time of purchase. You will also receive the Certificate in digital form, which you can download online. When you are in your account on this website, go to the "Orders" section under the "Purchase History" tab for more information.

What does the Certificate look like and what information does it contain?

The Certificate is printed on special, dense, embossed A4 paper and contains the following information:

  • - image of the acquired artwork;
  • - name of the artwork;
  • - artist’s name;
  • - materials used to create the artwork;
  • - size of the artwork;
  • - year of creation;
  • - original signature or printed impression of the artist's signature.

The printed version of the Certificate is secured with a holographic sticker from Jose Art Gallery. The digital version of the Certificate is attached in PDF format and does not contain a holographic sticker.