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A photograph is not only a fleeting moment of life captured by a photographer. A photo can be high art, reflecting an artist`s view of life, inner world and feelings. Photo art has its own special language and aesthetics. This is the difference between artistic photography from everyday, journalistic, advertising and other types. Photo art has become very popular now. Is this not a reason to start your own collection?

Like in painting, artworks of famous masters who create original photo are higher in price than the works of their less eminent colleagues or novices. The price of work is also affected by the number of printed copies. After all, the photographer can limit the number of printed photographs for sale, and often each copy has an individual number. There is a simple rule: the more prints of a photograph, the cheaper they are. Another factor affecting the price is the age of work. Vintage photographs are more expensive than modern copies because they are already a history. The JAG gallery experts are always ready to help you buy photos and build a collection of ART photographs. This service of the online gallery is provided for free.

Just leave your request on the website, and experts will contact you. The JAG gallery can also help photo artists to promote their artworks.

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Photo art is interesting because it exists due to the technical progress: advances in physics, chemistry, optics and technology. It is in this genre that the eternal debate of physicists with lyricists was settled! By the way, Louis Daguerre, one of the creators of photography, was both a chemist and an artist. Perhaps that is why the first photographs - daguerreotypes - were created in the genres of portrait, landscape and still life. Black and white photographs imitated painting, as if continuing it in another language. Fashion trends in the art of the XIX century were represented in photography. Artists and drawing artists often became professional photographers, and the birth of an ART-photo was preceded by drawing, like in creating paintings. From late 19th century, the influence of impressionism aesthetics began to penetrate from painting into photo art, in particular, landscape. The first decades of the twentieth century were marked by technical experiments and the advent of modernity. Photo artists met the new aesthetics of the 1920s with enthusiasm.

The post-war and subsequent eras were characterized by a variety of genres and searches for the most expressive means of an original photo. But like in the old days, photography largely reflects the diversity of visual arts.

The JAG online gallery will help you to get acquainted with the examples of the exclusive photo art.

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Is it easy to become a professional photographer? Everything seems so simple: just push the button holding the phone in your hand. This is so much simpler than to paint with a brush or work with a sculptor`s chisel! But it is the result which is always important. Very few shots will become artworks, even if they are presented as photo pictures on canvas or interior photography.

A photographer must have skills of both a director and a psychologist, let alone quick reaction. In a photo artist’s mastery precision and a gust of inspiration are intended to complement each other, and not to conflict. And there is no guaranteed success either. The photographer does not just create an ART-photo, but also acts as a real researcher of his theme, and his work becomes a way of conceiving the world. The work of the photographer is the result of his artistic and life experience, and only then can he be considered a master who creates true values.

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