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Alexandr Dobrodiy ,
Fisher of Birds

Description of the Piece
In this beautiful picture, I created a light and slightly ironic atmosphere. A male bird catcher with a haughty look and cute girls-birds. This is a kind of game that is not devoid of a mystical meaning. The picture is written in gray and blue colors with red flowers, which gives an exquisite contrast .Vertical lines, as it were, direct the viewer's gaze to the top where the birds are. The tilted capital as a symbol of the material world that is collapsing. picture.
Genre: Fantastic Art
Style: Surrealism
Offer: PDF
Tags: oil   surrealism   dobrodiy  
Material: oil
Base: canvas
Posted: 29 january 2018
Fisher of birds
Materials: canvas, oil
Dimensions: 110H x 120W (cm)
Year of Creation: 2017
Reg. № 07369
Original work, available in 1 copy
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Fisher of birds
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