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Stan Bert Singer,
Enzhe - I See You ID 119

Description of the Piece
The inspiration for this painting came from Leonardo da Vinci's painting "The Lady with the Ermine" (I made a master replica of it in 18 months of work). This painting is a classic portrait using the Dieatro Aria technique I developed: Stan Bert Singer developed Leonardo's sfumato technique into another level of classical painting techniques, with many layers and a special "aria layer" between the painting steps using a secret formula to achieve this effect. It is a very time-consuming technique as there is a drying time of at least 1-2 weeks between each layer. Therefore a painting in Dietro Aria technique takes about 6-12 months to finish. Dietro Aria , means as much as "behind air" or in German "hinter Luft". Dietro Aria technique creates a kind of three-dimensionality in the viewer. Because of the many layers, this is very difficult to photograph. The model is a good friend of mine, a Russian beauty queen from Tartastan. I hope you enjoy it, Stan. ---------------
Genre: Portrait
Style: Fine Art
Offer: PDF
Tags: Leonardo   da vinci   fine art   portrait   sfumato   renaissance   classical   woman   gesture   hands  
Material: oil
Base: wood
Posted: 19 march 2021
Enzhe - I see you ID 119
Materials: wood, oil
Dimensions: 53H x 39.5W (cm)
Year of Creation: 2019
Reg. № 01186994
Original work, available in 1 copy
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Enzhe - I see you ID 119
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